Ukraine needs your help!

I live in eastern Ukraine. As much as I love my country now , I have not love it never. Don’t believe the Russian media, which say that we ask them for help! They occupied us!!! We don’t need such protection! This is complete nonsense, that east and west shooting at each other in our country! Many differences between us, but we are united in one - a hatred of this power, and in our desire to live better. In our country, there was a real insurrection against the government! Ukrainians have managed to overthrow the criminal and his minions sacrificing their lives. Russian television didn’t show, as in the rebellion, on the main square of Ukraine wore coffins with dozens killed. Priests held a service for the dead right there.50,000 people mourned the dead and shouted at them “Heroes of glory!”

Putin covers our President Yanukovych, who is wanted!We don’t believe that the Russian people and the Russian government - are one and the same. We respect the Russian people, but we can’t ask for help from our Russian brothers,because all what say the Russian media is a vile lie! No word of truth! Therefore, we appeal to you for help!Speak about it all over the world! Show us that you are supporting us! For us it is important,because we stayed with our trouble all alone… :’(